About us

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We are a platform that facilitates cultural exchange by connecting locals who provide unique activities with travelers craving memorable and real-world experiences.

Our goal

Our goal is enhancing cultural exchange by connecting locals who have unique activity ideas with travelers who are interested in and willing to participate in their activities. While locals use their ideas, knowledge and creativity to create activities that bring their culture, communities and natural wonders closer to the travelers, travelers can experience Africa in a unique life-long lasting experience.

We believe in responsible travel that empowers and contributes to the local communities, allowing them to be directly involved in improving their own lives while generating greater economic benefits locally. When traveling with us you support the idea of cultural exchange, where travelers and locals collectively share their views, values, knowledge and passion while gaining lifelong experiences.

We believe that Africa is an exciting, still greatly undiscovered destination with diverse countries, outstanding natural beauty, fascinating culture and most importantly open and welcoming people.

Our promise

  • Unique experiences

    We give space for creativity. The locals themselves decide and develop the activity idea and design it in a way they find interesting. You will see things from a new, different perspective.

  • Support local communities

    You are buying a unique experience that also allows local communities and people to improve their lives by sharing their knowledge and lifestyle.

  • Meaningful connections

    Create meaningful connections with local people and gain a greater understanding of local cultural, social and related environmental issues.

Who we are



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How it all started

We are friends with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for travel. We studied business and economics together in Budapest, Hungary, when we first started to play with the idea of creating our own business, something from the scratch…. Then for a while our journey branched into different paths with a mix of studying, working and travelling around the world including several countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Meanwhile we always remained close friends and recounted our adventures, sharing our knowledge gained from different cultural experiences. Always keeping Budapest as our base camp.

One night while hanging out in a ruin bar in Budapest, after Eszti returned from her second 5 months working and traveling experience in Eastern and Southern African countries she said: “I wish people could experience Africa the way I did; hanging out with the locals, having fun and learning from them. We should create a platform that connects travellers with locals so that they can experience the real Africa and locals themselves could also greatly benefit by guiding them around”……… And there it was, the big idea! We both knew at that moment that “this is different”! This is an idea we surely will make happen!

Shortly afterwards we welcomed Jan to our team; a software developer from Germany. And the development of the website has begun...