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What is localme?

Our platform facilitates cultural exchange by connecting locals offering activities with travelers craving unique and authentic experiences. On our platform you will find locals offering a variety of activities including: hikes, day/evening trips, sightseeing, nature tours, and many other local adventures!

Why choose us?

With localme you will enjoy personalized experiences designed directly by the locals themselves. You will have the opportunity to take in a culture and see a country from a local’s perspective; these are unique and local experiences you won’t find in any travel book and must see destinations in an unusual way!

How it works


Find an activity

Browse our library of authentic and exciting activities and find an activity you like.

You can ask questions and communicate with locals directly on the activity page.


Request a date

Send a booking request for a specific date and time. The local then checks their availability.


Local accepts

The local either accepts the request or offers an alternative date and time. They also answer your questions or comments if you had any.


Finalize your booking

Once the local accepted your request you have 5 days to book the activity by paying the service fee to secure your booking.


Enjoy, then pay

Enjoy your time and pay the local (normally after the activity, if not agreed upon otherwise).


Write a review

By writing a review and rating the activity you are helping other travelers to choose an activity that really fits their interest.

Frequently asked questions

What is localme?

Who can register as a local?

How can I book an activity?

How does the communication work between locals and travelers on the platform?

Is it allowed to share contact information on the chat?

Do the locals get the total price they requested for the activity?

What fees do I pay as a traveler?

Is the price I see at the activity the final price?

What is the booking fee?

How does localme ensure the reliability of an activity?

How does localme screen the locals and activities?

How do ratings and reviews work?

How do cancellations and refunds work?

What happens if a local does not show up at the meeting point at the agreed time?

What are the responsibilities of localme and its locals?

Something for everyone...

Sightseeing Sightseeing


Rural Life Rural Life

Rural Life

Trekking in Nature Trekking in Nature

Trekking in Nature

Wildlife Viewing Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

Music / Art / Festivals Music / Art / Festivals

Music / Art / Festivals

Culture and History Culture and History

Culture and History

Culinary Experience Culinary Experience

Culinary Experience

Sports Sports


Workshop Workshop


Lodging Lodging


Volunteering Volunteering


Localme encourages cultural exchange by creating a platform where you can connect, share knowledge and find new experiences.

The localme team, 2021

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