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Hi, I'm Armaye Negalign

from Ethiopia


My name is Armaye Negalign, i was born and grew up in a small Goba town which is located in the heart of the Bale Mountains. I studied tour guiding service at one of the Tourism training institutes in Ethiopia. My passion for travelling and the fascinating historical and Natural attractions of my country have lead me into this profession which i adores. I have been working as a tour guide and organizer for more than 10 years all around Ethiopia, I led and managed a group of tourists in all corner of Ethiopia, also worked with film crews, research groups, and professional photographers. Such wide experience has helped me to gain various related skills and now allows me to handle clients in a flexible, friendly and professional way. Experienced in different kinds of tours such as Wildlife Safari, trekking, Bird watching, Historical tours, Cultural attractions and many others. With my love and growing passion for history and culture of my people’s, I realized and loved sharing my enthusiasm with visitors, and decided to establish my own tour and travel business called Armaye Ethiopia Tours. I am very enthusiastic in meeting new people from different part of the world and help them in witness the amazing natural and historical destinations of my country and also organize their holidays in every corner of Ethiopia. I am also excited in knowing other nationalities culture tourism attractions.