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Hi, I'm Wasihun Ayele

from Ethiopia


My name is Lieutenant Wasihun Ayele and I am 35 years old. I was born and grew up on a farm around the highlands of Northern  Ethiopia with my nomadic family of 12. My families are "Amhara", a Semitic-Speaking ethnic group traditionally inhabiting parts of Northwest Highlands of Ethiopia. Life wasn't simple, However, the vast fields bore witness to our curiosity. and as kid, I spent my time as a Sheppard with our traditional animal husbandry and helping my families on the farm which demands a hard work tilling, fertilizing, planting, caring and harvesting! When i got older, i went to Lalibela Preparatory School where I studied my high school.  However, I couldn't managed to continue my study and join University as I was conscripted to join the army during the Ethio-Eritrea war. In fact, I could say that this was a critical turning point of my life in joining the army at a very young age. After taking 6 month of military training, I was still too young whatever I became a "Tank Shooter" and the officials wanted me to continue studying rather going directly to the war. This was how i joined "MGHA Military Academy" and studied the Cadets course for Three Years. It is where i studied Military Science, Ethiopian History, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Logic, Geopolitics, Philosophy and became an officer with the military rank of Lieutenant and certified with Diploma in Human Resource Management and French Language. After graduation, i went to Somalia and served as an Artillery Commander of a Battalion, there i involved with many Gorilla Fighting, Anti Terrorism and war with Al Shabaab. After serving my country for 4 years around Somalia, Tigray and Amhara region, i get injured and that how I left the army. After leaving the army, coming back to Addis Abeba, I studied Tour guide for 3 years and I became a National tour guide. Since then, for over a decade, i have led so many tours (Travelers) from all over the world and I support travelers to discover touristic and non-touristic attractions across Ethiopia.  In the meantime, I managed to open and run my own travel company Access Eco Trekking Tours.  At the end, my life as a Sheppard, Nomadic, Military and Tour Guide helped me to learn so many things in this life! I have got a golden chance to learn some ethnic group Languages (Tigragna), I learned to meet, live and share their tradition, history, philosophy and art. This wonderful chance helps me so much to avoid my wrong prejudices of the nation, nationalities of Ethiopia and worldwide. No matter how people looks, where they live, what they speak or believe! I strongly believe that I am one of the Global Family as we share the same Planet and Oxygen.