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The last time we saw you, you were in chains and shackles. We heard your cry’s In the dungeon and you were marched through the door of no return never to return to your culture and people, stripping you of your African Identity. Mothers hoped to reunite with their kidnapped sons, Children waited for their parents to return to them. The land still mourns the death of the sons and daughters that couldn’t make it Emancipation was all our ancestors cried, bled and hoped for, to one day see the land they once called home, returning not in shackles but with stronger descendants appreciating and acknowledging the resilience and power that bore them. Reunite with the land and retrace the footsteps of our ancestors and reconnect with your people.
Private Tour
Culture and History
Trekking in Nature
Cape Coast , Ghana
14 hours

What we'll do

Visit The Slave River We’ll meet at 5 a.m. Then we visit the Assin Manso slave river site which served as the place where slaves had their last bath on African soil before being marched down to the slave castles. They were fed and cleaned so they appeared attractive and healthy to guarantee higher prices. hot branding irons were used to burn identifying marks onto the skin of captives. The marks were a scar on the shoulder, breast or upper arm to show ownership. Other times, branding was used to show that proper duty had been paid. it is now a sacred place of remembrance. it is home for the first 2 diasporas (Lady Crystal from Jamaica and Samuel Carson from New York) whose remains were brought to Ghana through the “door of return” and Reburied. Also remains of African slave descendants from Barbados are buried on the site to symbolize emancipation and reconnection.

Kakum Explore one of Ghana’s endangered species conservatories which shelters about 100 mammals, reptiles and amphibian species ,over 360 bird species, 500 species of butterflies, over a quarter million species of insects not forgetting the highlight of this nature experience which is the 350meters of 8suspended bridges canopy walkway which reaches the height of 40meters above the forest floor and the first of its kind in africa to test how adventurous you are or if you’re simply scared of falling and not of heights.

Elmina Town & Castle After the nature and adventure episode we go back in time in one of Ghana’s historic towns which houses the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa which is 537 years old being the first slave castle in Gold coast now Ghana , a town going with names such as Aldea das Duas Partes(Village with two parts) because it lies between the gulf of Guinea and the lagoon and Costa de el Mina de Ouro(The Coast of Mines) later corrupted to Elmina as the town is known presently. Elmina town being the headquarters of the Portuguese for 150years and designed to fit the status of Lisbon(Portugal’s capital) was a slave harbor where slaves kept in the castle are shipped off into the new world through the door of no return.

Cape Coast Castle Head to the second town through the aisle of coconut trees with the turquoise and beautiful ocean guiding you to the “carbo corso” meaning short cape in Portuguese. the ancient narrow roads leads you to the cape coast castle which also served as a slave castle and the first to have returnee slaves although they were dead

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Accra Mall

Good to know

Good to know

Marcus garvey once said “a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is a like a tree without roots” the toture,sacrifice and brutality our ancestors endured wasn’t because they were strong but because they believed in the vision someday their descendants would be free and be reconnected to their culture and regain their identity. This is my way of retelling the untold stories of the darkest days of our history we try to forget yet remembering the screams and tears: which is the journey of the slaves, After walking for about 200miles from the northern parts of the Ashanti region they then head towards the castles but first having their last baths. So to truly understand their journey there is the need to walk in their footsteps.

  1. Assin Manso Slave River
  2. Kakun National Park
  3. ElmIna Town & Castle
  4. Cape Coast Castle

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