Discover Sipi Falls
Abseiling is one of the leading adrenaline rush adventure done at the highest water falls of 100 meters. It's a great outdoor adventures that every traveller would want to give a try and have a feel of the experience.
Private Tour
Sipi Falls,Mt Elgon, Uganda
1 hour
English, Swahili

What we'll do

We shall head from the hotel/ meeting point to the top of the Abseiling point where we shall meet the Abseiling instructors ready to offer you a great experience. it's Worth it. You walk on the rock for 30 meters then the rest of 70 meters you will be hanging and the rope spinning you as you enjoy the view of the water falls and the beautiful view of the valley.

Where we'll go


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Meeting point

Discover Sipi Information Office

Good to know

Good to know

Abseiling and Rock climbing are the main two fascinating activities by the water falls. Experience the breathtaking adventure of descending with the waters of the falls, Abseiling with supervision at a distance of 100 meters with two main systems.

What is included?

  • Entrance

What is not included?

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Accommodation

What to bring

  • Small backpack for water and snacks
  • Camera/GoPro
  • Rain Coat during rainy season
  • Good hiking shoes

Cancellation and refund

The booking fee ($5.50 p.p. included in the displayed price) is non-refundable if you cancel your booking. If a local cancels a booking or does not show up at the agreed time and place, you receive a full refund of the booking fee.

You are buying a unique experience that also empowers local communities and people to improve their lives by sharing their knowledge and lifestyle.

We give space for creativity. The locals themselves decide and develop the activity idea and design it in a way they find interesting.

Locals get 100% of the price they want. The booking fee is added separately.

Meet the Local


I’m a young and passionate guide working with Discover Sipi as a guide. I’m born of a sabiny tribe, one of the natives belonging to the Kalenjin community, living on the slopes of mt.elgon, kapchorwa district, Eastern Uganda. I speak English , Kiswahili and Kupsabiny, one of the local dialect spoken by the locals here. I’m so passionate about my profession as a tour guide working in sipi falls, one of the popular attraction in Eastern Uganda after Jinja. I have worked as a site guide over a decade, with wide range of knowledge and experience I have acquired during that period of time in the field has made me among the most outstanding guides in the area (sipi) I’m a social and interactive man who respects everyone’s views and opinions. Guiding and travelling was born inside me. Want to get spoilt and lost in adventure, try me, you will never regret your time. ABOUT DISCOVER SIPI Discover sipi is a company specializing in walking and hiking services with our head office in Sipi falls, Kapchorwa District, Eastern Uganda. We have a very passionate,informed,hospitable and dedicated tour guides to handle all your hiking needs during your visit to sipi falls. Talk to us anytime. We give the best hiking and walking services to all parts of Sipi and our packages are exclusively used to generate revenue which benefits the surrounding communities to appreciate the value of conservation and its benefits attached. Through our experience about our local area, we definitely make sure you feel the nature and the local cultures of the tribe living in the community.

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