1 day Karimojong Kraal tour

Kadamme wilderness trails
An overnight tour to the karimojong kraals and experience Karamoja’s rich and exclusive/ unique pallet culture among the shepherds as they enjoy their delicacy of Echarakan( a revered dish of blood mixed with milk).
Private Tour
Culture and History
Rural Life
Trekking in Nature
Nakapiripirit, Uganda
1 day
English, Swahili
1+, 2+

What we'll do

we shall head to the villages in the morning,have a nature walk around the villages as we wait for sun down whereby we shall go and bring back the animals from grazing together with the shepherds and help them lead the cows inside the kraal. In the evening we shall help the shepherds milk the cows as we learn how this is done. We shall also witness how the shepherds get fresh blood from cows which is mixed to make (ECHARAKAN) which is consumed and this is a karimojong delicacy, if blood is consumed separate its called (Ethongoolot) We shall also listen and get the experiences of the shepherds during herding of the cattle in the wild. We shall also listen to some old ancient stories from tje elders who are present then at the kraal. We shall spend the night with the worriors. camping. camp fire. heard cattle with shepherds.

Where we'll go


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Meeting point

we shall meet up at the hotel we shall put up the night before the tour.

Good to know

What is included?

  • Bottle of water.
  • Dinner.
  • Camping gear.

What is not included?

  • Transportation which is bookable at an additional 70,000/= per person on a boda boda driven by a local experienced karimojong guide,a vehicle at 60$ per car

Cancellation and refund

The booking fee ($6.60 p.p. included in the displayed price) is non-refundable if you cancel your booking. If a local cancels a booking or does not show up at the agreed time and place, you receive a full refund of the booking fee.

You are buying a unique experience that also empowers local communities and people to improve their lives by sharing their knowledge and lifestyle.

We give space for creativity. The locals themselves decide and develop the activity idea and design it in a way they find interesting.

Locals get 100% of the price they want. The booking fee is added separately.

Meet the Local


Tours and breathtaking adventures of the karimojong cultural heritage in their Manyatas and hikes to karamoja's highest mountains of Mountain moroto, mount kadam, Mount napak, Mount morungole. Discover and explore the Untapped Wilderness of North Eastern Uganda, visit most scenic Wildlife Parks; Kidepo Valley,game reserves;Pian upe wildlife reserve,matheniko bokora game reserve.

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